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This page is a hub for examining the tools, called QuestWriterTM, which sit behind the demonstration course on compound interest. QuestWriterTM, were developed at Oregon State University in conjunction with several web courses and continues to be developed in response to student and faculty input and in order to enable specific pedagogic elements. QuestWriterTM represents only one approach to enabling web courses. Some very impressive integrated environments have been developed commercially and non-commercially, and we urge anyone seriously interested in web courses to examine the entire field of available products.

Each of the links in the table above will take you to a framed page which allows you to select between at least two options - an explanation and a hands-on look at the demonstration course from the professor's point of view.

Changing Identity.

The first time you access a QuestWriterTM script, you are asked by your browser to authenticate (type in a login ID and password). This information is kept by your browser and transmitted each time you access a subsequent QW script. The advantage of this is that you don't have to repeatedly type in your ID and password. One of the disadvantages is that it is hard to change your identity. To look at this course from the point of view of a professor, you need to become one!

The way to change your identity is

  1. Activate the "change identity" link above. This will bring up a separate window in which you will be asked to enter the name of the user you would like to become.

  2. To become a professor, use the login ID and password in your workshop handout (or send email to Robby if you forgot it.) To become a student, use your student ID.

  3. When you submit the form, you will get a message that authentication failed. This gives you an opportunity to type your ID and password into the box provided by your browser.

  4. For professor use the password in the handout and use your own password for reverting to a student.

  5. If successful, either the QW Resources page (as a professor) or the What's Next page (as a student) will load into the extra window. It is best to close this window (using your browser) and continue working from the current page.

© 1997,1998 Robby Robson, Oregon State University.